Val AlemannoVal Alemanno, Equine Trainer, has been working with horses and ponies with problems, all over the UK, for over 35 years, with a success rate beyond most in the field. Val has never worked with a horse that hasn't responded to her way of training, whether it be a ridden problem or one on the ground (in-hand).

Available Services

Horses and their owners can often experience difficulties competitively and in everyday life. Val can help owners with the work they do with their horse.

This can be with problems of the minor variety, such as horses too strong in the hand either when ridden or on the ground, or dealing with major problems, such as horses who have a fear based problem such as loading after a bad experience. Val can work effectively with any problem from a horse napping for varying reasons or horses with an apparent "aggressive" nature and everything in between.

Val uses equine massage, and aromatherapy, to aid deep tissue/ligament/tension. This helps horses recover quickly from their psychological or physical injury.


The Alemanno Technique has evolved during Val's 35 years of working with horses with problems. Val works with all horses including fine-tuning horses within the competitive circuit for show jumping, dressage and eventing at all levels.

Her technique improves the movement and psychological state of the horse. Val connects quickly and deeply with the horse leading to a successful outcome. Her primary concern is the welfare of these beautiful, complex animals and re-establishing the connection with their owners.

Best Solutions

There are many reasons why horses develop problems, so for the benefit of the owner and horse, an assessment visit is always undertaken.


Val Alemanno is also available for clinics. Each designed to help people and horses from all walks of life. The clinics can take place in small yards to large arenas making them accessible to all. For interest in holding a clinic please contact me for more information.

Customer Support

Val Alemanno prides herself on being "just a phone call, text or email" away for anyone who is concerned about their horse.

She is always available to provide assistance and support when an owner and their horse are returning to the competitive circuit after a successful re-training.

"No problem is too small or too large."